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These are the 6 fast paced activities you should try to fit in each day, and the activities can be used school wide!

Here is one of my favourite, for working memory and also phonemic awareness.


Activity 3

They are given a sentence or paragraph and they have to remember it, and then write the word and placement of the target phoneme in the word. So if (after hearing the sentence) the focus sound was ‘sh’ and the sentence was;

Trisha has a special sugar machine that sure makes delicious candy!

... they would write

1/4 ie Word 1 Sound Pic 4 (t/r/i/sh/a)
4/4 ie Word 4 Sound Pic 4 (s/p/e/ci/a/l)
5/1 ie Word 5 Sound Pic 1 (S/u/g/ar)
6/3 ie Word 6 Sound Pic 3 (M/a/ch/i/ne)
8/1 ie Word 8 Sound Pic 1 (s/ure)
10/5 ie Word 10 Sound Pic 5 d/e/l/i/ci/ou/s

Then you (the teacher) would write the sentence on the board and code map the words, so they can see the grapheme choices for the speech sounds.

Then look to see the other choices for that phoneme, not in the sentence.

Use the Spelling Mat (digital download) or Spelling Clouds!

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