Schools purchase 1 membership for AU$395 plus GST and share the login with the teaching staff.  This is also where student videos can be accessed - Coding Poster Videos and High Frequency Words etc  Use the red ORDER NOW button to get started.  Use the Risk Assessment Letter at bottom of page if school server blocks the site. 
Are you a parent or self-funding teacher? Email Miss Emma for other pricing options

What is included in your 12 month school membership?

ONLINE Training - the 'SSP Teaching Reading and Spelling' Course. A great refresher, training for teachers new to the school, and also offering training videos specific to questions that come up regularly. Have a question? Ask, and a new video will be added !
You can also send in writing samples and Miss Emma will analyse them and give advice regarding teaching activities. These will be uploaded to help other members.
Also make use of the new support group on facebook and join in with facebook live sessions; Orthographic Mapping: From Theory to Practice  

This is the ONLY place where you can get the digital download of the Speech Sound Monsters, to print and use to create name labels etc. To simplify things all digital downloads are being moved here, from the shop, so that they are free to members- with new resources added weekly. 

Orthographic Mapping group on facebook!
Learn how to prepare students for Phase 2, and how to 
teach the Phase 2 Routine activities!
This is the ideal timetable, for optimum learning, however we will help you to teach students to read, write and spell alongside the mandated (non SSP) activities you have to include in your planning.

When you login you will see training videos for all activities. We have included a taster video, showing  'Rapid Writing'.  This is to show that you can enhance your current timetable with SSP activities that not only extend student learning, but to fill gaps in phonemic awareness and phonics skills if students have not had SSP before! 

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